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TERROR is TERROR whichever way you turn it

Every time I hear an Israeli spokesperson, minister, or the prime minister talk they don’t make any sense to me. What are they ranting about? I don’t understand how they can not see the “other.” Maybe I am unable to be objective because they are bombing my country, and maybe my subjective reasoning has been clogged up by emotion and anger at what is happening but what about imagination, what about the fights we have all been fighting for peace, what about John Lennon’s “Imagine”? What about globalisation’s promise of freedom and liberation, or does that only apply to the market? Arundhati Roy once said that the only things that have been globalised are goods, money and services; not freedom, humanity or god forbid justice. So, it’s established that there is no respect or empathy for the lives of human beings; fine. But even if they have grand planes and military tactics, can they be that callous? Who are they to uproot a million people, kill hundreds and destroy an entire country?
I have come to hate politics, to hate the iron cage of power and what it ensues. One thing that Israel seems to forget is that TERROR is TERROR no matter who the perpetrator is! No matter what guise it comes in. Terror is not black or white. This war is not about good vs. evil. They would like to have the whole world believe that is the case. Remember the war on terror; that distinct echo of some forsaken president threatening the ignorant masses; “either you are with us or the terrorists.” What about YOUR fucking terrorism? Terror begets terror. We all know that.
Might is right in capitalist globalization. Hard power is about the economy and the military. Everything else is discarded as insignificant. I churn and wonder what ever happened to intelligence? What about art? What about culture? Can a country such as America make up their lack of culture with a boastful military? Lebanon has made its share of mistakes, yet the people here are not ready for another civil war.
When a country is fractured and blood is flowing, the rest of the world is insouciant and heedless unless there is a profit to be made (i.e. Oil). Aid money is Blood money. America ironically pays for the bombs that will demolish Lebanon’s infrastructure. They pay for the rockets that will barbarously dislocate and kill men, women and children. They also pay for the “humanitarian” aid. They pay for all these things with a straight face. A straight and unfair Janus-face. The same hand that perpetuates terror provides aid. To the Bush administration: I beg you to choose one side and save us the hypocrisy!
It is up to us to reveal the reality behind the mask that the American government wears. The mask that pretends to believe in freedom and democracy. Those two profound and precious ideas that can never be “given.” It is up to individuals to discover them and embody them. You can never fight for FREEDOM by oppressing someone else. You cannot fight for freedom and democracy by terrorizing an entire country!
I juggle with my thoughts and feelings. I think about how this war began and I come up with the conclusion that this war’s name is another farce: “fighting for the two Israeli soldiers.” Remember that America’s last two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and how both wars were declared on a farce. Remember how the “war on terror” was about saving women in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq was about the search for “weapons of mass destruction”? There are probably more weapons of mass destruction in Bush’s head then there will ever be in Iraq.

Israel simply wanted Hizballah to retaliate. We all know that Hizballah was willing to exchange prisoners with Israel. Hizballah kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers, and could not get back one or two of the 9000 Arabs that are being held in Israeli prisons. It is a way for Israel to magnify the war and seek what they always seek; pity. Israel is paranoid. Look at what happened in Qana last Sunday (July 30th) and what happened yesterday (August 4th) afternoon on the Bekaa valley. They killed 33 workers packing vegetables in a warehouse!!! They died in an Israeli air raid just as hundreds have died in the past 3 weeks and just as many are dying every single day since July 12th! You have spies on the ground, so do not make random air strikes. I guess when you fear something you start seeing it everywhere. Israel and America are both seeking terror. Anything that moves becomes terror! America must have felt that way when they tried to convince the world that they were seeking “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq (I have to point out that that began in 2003 and we are now in 2006!). I bet they convinced themselves that too! A lie can easily become the truth. It is called propaganda. It is also called goodie vs. baddy. This lie is like a disease that is highly contagious. You only need to have one person infected with the lie bug to create a domino effect.
I write now to regain some sanity. To create hope and space for freedom. I write to say No. I write to ask others to say no and to seek their own truth. Seek your truth. Seek your own freedom (don’t take it from the government or the mainstream media). To find freedom you need to seek freedom from a few things. I say, seek freedom from the media, the government and the military. Seek freedom from the lies they tell us everyday. Lies dressed up as humanity. Lies dressed up in weaponry on their way to liberation and democracy. Lies that continuously shatter our dreams of humanity. Don’t be impassive. Don’t stop at the news that you are being fed on prime-time TV. Seek hyper-distillation. Venture out and filter the lies. It is our job to seek the truth; otherwise we are no better off than those folks that are feeding us this bull shit. We can not just nod our heads in agreement and live in denial and in apathetic existence. What are we agreeing to – terror? Remember terror begets terror.


Blogger Dixit Tenebrae said...

Every war ever fought by this decaying species - this virus - is a farce. There is only one storyline of war. Two groups of warriors thirst for cruelty, control over the unpredictability of death and the satisfaction of a rising body count. Two groups of murderous rabble children (and their impotent leaders) ache for the scent of rotting corpses beneath them - for these corpses are a sign of their manhood. And in normal cases, one group is wealthier.

And here we innocent ones - ironically the only ones with any sense of that elusive spectre called LIFE - stand, unfortunate in our location. That is all.

Hezballah had seen what happened in Gaza after the kidnap of an Israeli soldier. They had more than fair warning about how horrifically the Israeli government behaves, both from the past and present. But I suppose pushing four million people into a crossfire for the sake of a political power play is no big deal. The dead are all martyrs in the name of allah (or jehovah, or jesus christ, or who the fuck cares?) anyway.

Is Abrahamic religion a cause or an effect? I must note that Hindu fundamentalists dedicate their lives to education and learning. Buddhist fundamentalists dedicate their lives to the pursuit of antisocial inner happiness and PEACE. And all three Abrahamic fundamentalists seem invariably to dedicate their lives to murder. This is merely information - take it as you will.

My suggestion for peace: Jersualem will become neutral territory. Hassan Nasrallah, Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz, and every member of the Bush administration will be tried in the International Criminal Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity - under penalty of a delightfully painful death (I'm more than willing to be a hypocrite for that... I suppose my anger clouds me as well).

And that will give us, maybe, a few years of peace. Then new plagues will wrack our world. Assuming there were a god, I only hope that god was fortunate enough to forget about Homo sapiens.

Yes, maybe my anger clouds me, but it has been seen in the past that in times of trial things can be seen from new perspectives. To hell-wracked things, revelation!

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